” Jabhet Al-Nusra” Has Killed The Journalist and News Anchor ”Muhammad Al-Saeed”

The Journalist and News Anchor in the Syrian TV ”Muhammad Al-Saeed” .









Today on Saturday at around 1:30 a.m, ” Jabhet Al-Nusra” the section from Al-Qaida that is active in Syria has announced that they have killed the Journalist and News Anchor ”Muhammad Al-Saeed” after they kidnapped him 15 days ago from his home in Damascus suburbs.

” Jabhet Al-Nusra” had made the above statement explaining why and announcing responsibility and of course brag about this crime and published it on the net and here is the translation of that statement:


”                                                                                         Statement number 41

                                                                                         3rd August 2012

Capturing and Killing the 

Journalist and ”Shabeeh” Muhammad Al-Saeed

Thanks to Allah who fulfilled his promised, and supported his soldiers on the party of the devil and mislead them, and shall the blessing be upon Muhammad our prophet and his companions,

In the war that had been declared by the regime has reached everything and everything had been used in it, and what the regime has used is the Syrian media and its equipment that had been bought by the people money.

We had announced earlier that these is no place to stand in the middle, the regime did not accept that and the people of Jihad will not accept de to their clear path and strong belief in that.

So everyone should choose to which group they will join and let the conscious in front of Allah be your guide in choosing.

And from the grace of Allah on the Jihadist in Jabhet Al-Nusra, the heroes of the West Ghota managed to capture the Journalist and the Shabeeh Muhammad Al-Saeed on the 19/7/2012 and has been killed after has been interrogated.  He was working as a news anchor in the Syrian TV and a host of the program ” Nation Talk”.

And let this operation and others be a lesson to every supporter of this merciless regime to come back to Allah and ask for forgiveness or the swords of the Jihadist will cut their heads and  clean the land of Sham from their sinfulness by Allah’s will.

 Allah shall win in his issues but most of the people don’t know

Jabhet Al-Nusra for aiding the people in Sham

from the Jihadist in Sham in the Jihad ground

The Media Section

Don’t forget us from your good prayer                         


This was their disgusting statement, it is pretty clear and they did use a straight forward language thus no need for me to comment on it.  But it is worth mentioning that this group has announced their responsibility on several suicide bombing in Damascus that killed hundreds in Al-Kaboon and in Al-Kazaz.  This is their criminal mind and killing is the only language they understand.

The Syrian media has been under attack on many levels since the beginning of the troubles in Syria.  For example, stopping their broadcast on ArabSat and NileSate in response of the Arab League request.   Al-Ikhbaria channel building had been bombed once and 4 employee were killed in that one.  Many reporters have been shot while covering the news and the news on was yesterday, Friday in Al-Tadamon area.  And now this.

The weird thing  is that they ”the opposition” always claimed that the Syrian media is rusty, can’t influence anyone and uses a medieval language , so the question if so why to attack them and try to stop them from doing their work.

 God Bless your soul,