Is it possible for NATO to lie blatantly more than this?

Author: Mohammad Saleh Alftayeh

With more NATO countries joining the coalition to fight ISIS and as the Security Council continues to condemn and ban the traffic of people, weapons, and money to terrorist groups in Syria, arms shipments to militias there seem only to be increasing and coming even from some of the NATO countries themselves. The issue is not limited only to Turkey, a NATO member, but it also includes other nations. The problem is the determination of the source of these arms as most of the arms delivered to the militias in Syria are widely used by many countries across the world; therefore, it is difficult to determine who has provided arms to the militias directly. This is difficult unless there is a real effort on the part of the manufacturers to track the serial numbers and identification data of weapons to determine who bought the weapon and then sent to those militias. However, there are some cases that seem to be outrageously frank. The picture below is of a Yugoslavian-made RAC-12 128mm multiple rocket launcher, in the hands of Al-Nusra militants. The factory is in current Croatia, and the launcher is operated by the states of former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina… etc.). Croatia, today, is a member of NATO, since April 2009. Al-Nusra Front is using this launcher in the picture today in Syria. Al-Nusra Front is one of the factions that is being bombed by the NATO. So are we going to see NATO investigating how one of its members is arming a radical terrorist group that the NATO is fighting? By the way, this launcher’s calibre is 128 mm (and not 107 as one might think) and this calibre is manufactured by Croatia (most other countries of the world would use either 122 mm or 130 mm calibres). If someone wants to argue that this launcher had arrived to Syria a long time ago, how can you explain the continued arrival of ammunition manufactured and stored by only one state that is Croatia?

image 1


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