About the Syrian-American Confrontation

Author: Mohammed Saleh Alftyeh

I agree with my friends that Syria will prevail and that the present war will come to an end in a day that is not too far from now; we have actually passed more than half the way. I also agree with my friends that the NATO’s endeavours against us are to fail. However, I disagree with them regarding one key issue. While most of my friends place their bets in favour of the argument that Damascus’s allies will prevent an American-Atlantic-Arab war against it, I do believe that such a war – which has been postponed for a long time now – will actually take place and that this does not entail that Damascus’s allies have given it up nor that they have been defeated because they could not prevent the war. History does tell us that there has never been an alliance which succeeded in preventing a military confrontation – the allies of Israel, for instance, could not prevent Syria from confronting Israel in 1973 and 1982 – and Damascus’s allies, according to the same argument, might not be able to prevent the military confrontation. However, they are able to support Damascus to achieve victory in a similar manner to the previous Syrian-American confrontation of 1982-1984. I am saying this to highlight that repeating the claim that the allies would prevent the war is a repetition based on a large degree of simplification and that it is a repetition which might backfire as it might lead to a catastrophic blow to the people’s morale when the confrontation actually takes place. I do believe that it is better to explain the situation as it is and that things should be seen from the right perspective. The confrontation will take place and we will prevail. I can say furthermore that the present war will only come to an end with a Syrian-American confrontation.


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