My Homeland is My Love

Activities of ‘My Homeland is My Love’ 1st Forum for the painters specialized in the children drawings in Syria kicked off at Damascus citadel on Monday.

8636_497091570364499_1705951327_n 8914_497091893697800_1604780978_n 532486_497091523697837_866599460_n 945137_497091503697839_1020943622_n 945591_497091660364490_164394025_n 969950_497091617031161_1976540822_n 970200_497091900364466_518685596_n 993086_497091737031149_2043012077_n 999517_497091693697820_1370796601_n 1002416_497091767031146_1332818665_n 1010499_497091800364476_1136862609_n 1016079_497091830364473_463535795_n 1016610_497091533697836_1987244223_n


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