How Turkey is Stealing the Syrian Factories and Their Products – The Story of Aleppo

Aleppo the well known city, is the capital of Syrian economy.  Everyone knew that because Aleppo was doing well Syria was fine.   For more than a year and a half, Arabic media as well as the Turkish government were making Aleppo their first priority knowing that to make break through in Syria you have to break Aleppo and turn it to Benghazi.   They were trying hard to film even one single protest to claim that the government is losing Aleppo and what they called the volcano of Aleppo turned to be a massive pro-Syria and pro-government movement that showed the solid decision to support the reformation, against the random killing and the interfering in the Syrian issues.

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The above pictures show a pro-government demonstration in Aleppo in 2012

Since then and they are trying to take revenge of Aleppo.  I am writing to you today and I just read in the news that 82 students were killed in Aleppo university on their first day of exams in an operation for “Jabhat Al-Norsa” , Al-Qaida division in Syria.  The information about how the attack was done is still vague, some say it is a car bomb, others say it is a missile. I haven’t seen the official statements yet.

The following videos show some of  what the Free Army Gangs (FAG) and “Jabhat Al-Nusra”  have done to Aleppo and it’s people.

Despite the pain, I won’t foucouse about the people who have been killed in Aleppo or the destruction that occurred. I won’t re-mention the burning of thousands of years old market or the attacks on research facilities, no, I will just talk about different kind of attacks and a different kind of war.

This new war is based on destroying the economical aspects of Aleppo.  According to Syrian officials in Aleppo, there have been organised destruction and stealing of the Aleppo factories and their machinery.  The furniture of the wealthy citizens in Aleppo is stolen from their homes and being sold in Turkey, according to many Lebanese studying centres and reports.

The sneaky Turkish government is the one who is organising these operation, stealing the Syrian factories and the products in massive amount and allowing them to be transfer to the Turkish land in the day light, and protecting the gangs that are doing so.  You might not believe me but here is one video of the rebels of the Free Army Gangs (FAG) while they were “ securing” the oil drills to Turkey.

This video I just downloaded from a YouTube channel that is 100 % pro-them, there is not really anything to translate, just the the guy who is announcing  that the bregade of the North Storm had “secured” these drills for the sake of Qatar, yes you heard me right, Qatar, taking our drills to send it to poor Qatar.  So see the video and judge for your self.  More than 10 containers in 4 minutes video, through the main border check point where the Turkish government and FAG are in control.

Another video is showing the organised operations to steal the Syrian heritage.  Many English reports have already talked about this organised stealing of the Syrian treasures.  Every area that was under the FAG control was completely stolen and thousands of years history disappeared completely.  Talk about Old Homs city, Old Aleppo where the FAG had destroy thousands of years in a matter of days.















This picture shows how the FAG took control of Marrat Al-Noman Museum and changed it to a military base. It is worth mentioning here that this museum contains (or used to contain I don’t know, they stole every thing) the findings of Eble, the civilisation whose findings changed the history of the area.

Another picture was published showing cars full of products crossing the borders to Turkey.

Another picture was published showing cars full of products crossing the borders to Turkey.











FAG stealing a desk from a school in Aleppo - the picture published by the Guardian

FAG stealing a desk from a school in Aleppo – the picture published by the Guardian










The picture above shows the products stolen from the factories in Sheekh Najjar in the excuse of supporting the so claimed revolution.

Back to the official reports, the official reports saying that more than 1200 mills in Aleppo have been disassembled and taken to Turkey, even their storage area has been cleared out.  Another reports referred to the Syrian Heritage said that thousands of pieces were stolen and now in Turkey.

Even the wheat were stolen and being sold in Turkey half of its price.  Yes even the wheat is being taken to Turkey under the Turkish knowledge and they just opened their borders and provide training and market. Many videos on YouTube showed a cross fire over a wheat storage areas in the North of Syria? Why a person who is fighting for Syria would do that to his own people? Well their excuse is that they want to fund their so claim relvoulution. All the millions of dollars from the oils countries and they want now to steal the wheat and sell it half price to fund killing the Syrian people.

By the way,  this year Syria started importing wheat and flour  for the first time in it history – official statement.  And that should be added to one of the accomplishment of this so called revolution.

Some might argue that what has the Turkish government to do with it, well to that I say, taking more than 10 containers – the ones shown in the video – a cross the main border point to Turkey known that the country is in war?  It is stealing and smuggling and the Turkish government is part of it.


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