An Example of BBC Playing on Words, Misleading and Sharing Responsibilities

Yesterday, on BBC website, I saw the picture below from the terrorist attack that hit the civilian neighbourhood, Hay Al-Worood, by the terrorists gang that called it self the Free Army.  In the name of freedom, democracy and tolerance they bomb civilians mostly children. – See this link for that article.

A BBC caption for terrorist attack picture in Damascus this month.

This picture was taken from an article talks about how close the Free Gang from the presidential palace and how the Free Gang is hitting the army airports, bla bla …  as if there is no shame in that. Then they add this picture and under it ” Dozens of people have been killed or wounded in fighting over the last 24 hours in Damascus”.  Lets forget the whole messege in the original article that claim that the free gang is very close to take over Damascus because they said so and that BBC, with all it greatness, is reporting that literally.  Let’s forget all that nonsense and let’s see the message that come with this picture caption.

So according to BBC people has been killed and injured during FIGHTING.  Last time checked fighting means that there is a cross fire between the Army and the Free Gang, or might mean that there are two sides were fighting, both had weapons, both were shooting, both were repressible.  That what I read from this caption.  So if you are not an everyday details follower for the Syrian situation like me and you haven’t seen this horrible mother and child picture on the day that happened, BBC will sell you other story.  They completely twisted the truth, from being the victims of a terrorist car bomb attack in their civilian neighbourhood at night to be half to blame since they are the victims of “fighting”.

Some might ask what is the big deal.  Well it is a big deal, let’s think about it this way.  Main stream media, such as BBC, will always blame the Syrian Army when they suspect that they did something bad.  They will go over and over again and keep reminding you with the horrible stuff that Army is doing.  The human rights watch will do the same as will do the UN, the security council , …etc.  But when there is a crime that is done by the Free Gang, they always tend to share the responsibility with the Syrian army even it was 100 % Free Gang act like the terrorist attack in the picture.  In this case you will find a misleading article like the BBC one, where the cause is “fighting” not a pure terrorist attack.  It is fighting even if the Free Gang website claimed responsibility and brag about it on FB.  BBC will not care about the truth or reality, I guess they only care to share the responsibility, this way deleting any evidence that these crimes had happened.

On the UN and Human Rights level, they will request from BOTH sides to calm down. BOTH when the guilty side if the Free Gang and Blame the Syrian Army when the Syrian Army to blame.  So they keep reminding you that the Syrian army is there and also doing something.

All these small things in the main stream media will lead to people have no memory or reality about what is happening in Syria.  Also putting the criminal and the victim at the same level of blame.  And it is working, after almost two years of the Syrian crisis and after thousand of people killed and executed online by the Free Gang, the Western governments are still sending money and weapons to them publicly with no civilised person to object about their country is supporting terrorism.


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