Why Numbers Are Important?

Well, this is not a new news.  It is an Idea that came to me when I was surfing the net an reading different articles.

Today in the Syrian problems, things has changed.  No one is talking about demonstration and the people who support/don’t support the government.  Why is that? If it is about the democracy shouldn’t that always kept in mind?  The thing with Syria that is was never about the democracy , it is about removing this government that threat the security of Israel.  And since now there are some (Syrian – Arabs) who are ready to fight the only Real Army in the area that can stand against the Israeli crimes there is no need to use the demonstrations card.  Since the media had already demonized the Syrian government there is no need to keep talking about the numbers.

Now the some Syrian in the new born council in Qatar are ready to go as far as they can to achieve the goal of Western Countries such as UK, America and France.

I don’t forget the numbers, to be honest these numbers are a big part of why I am with this government and with this glorious army, The Arab Syrian Army.

A pro-government demonstration in the Umayyad Square , Dmascus 2011


The strange things with numbers is that when there were around 1 million in Egypt every one stand next to their revolution and start saying the ”Egyptian People” want change.   But when around 5 millions all over Syria stand next to their government no one one in the West saw them, no media broadcast their demonstrations   It is also worth mentioning that the Egyptians are 80 million in total so 1 million mean 1/80 of the Egyptian people, on the other hand Syrians are around 25 millions and 5 millions mean 1/5 of the Syrian people.  Between 1/80 and 1/5 you can tell the significant of each movement .  However there was one problem with the Syrian number, their problem was that they were WITH the government and WITH the president that is why no one in the west heard of them but heard about 300 people or maybe 1000 or even 100000 who want to remove the ”regime” as they say.

In the videos below there are 8 pro government demonstrations that never shown in Western media.  they happened in 2011 and I have chosen for you from many other demonstration that are not smaller than these.  Hope this will give you an idea about what I was talking about.

Damascus, 2012

Damascus, 2011

Tartous, 2011

Aleppo, 2011

Latakia, 2011

Deer Al-Zor, 2011

Homs, 2011

Al-Hasaka, 2011

Al-Swaida, 2011


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