Lie Lie Lie …. No One Knows

From day one, both the activist and the Main Stream Media MSM, are lying about the situation in Syria. From Day one they lied about the children in Daraa, from day one they lied about who is killing who.  They made the army soldiers who had been killed by the terrorists are killed by their own friends to create division.

Some might ask why is that so important? well it isn’t important if no one is listening to them or no one quoting them or no one believing them, but that is not the case.  The weird thing in the Syrian situation is that the smallest, tiniest and least significant resource of information , Anti-Government one, can be reported in the big media as it is the truth.  Even if it was a Facebook page, they will be named ”activists” or an anonymous phone call to the station that will be named an ”eyewitness” .  Then the MSM will take into their account to repeat again and again till it will be documented in this media record and became a virtual fact.  Again, some might ask so what ? well that will be fine if it stays in the media … but it isn’t.  These journalist reports have been used by the Security Council and Human Rights Watch as facts.  By using these reports the UN tried to force resolutions in the security council and as I remember the French ambassador had repeatedly said that these are the “report” meaning that if they are not true they wouldn’t be journalist reports.  These journalist reports are creating grudge in the Arabs world against the Syrian Government, Army and president.  You might be surprised that Arabs in different countries are holding grudge now against Syrian because according to the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera and the Saudi channel Al-Arabia the Syrian army is killed the Sunna in Syria, forgetting the fact that  the majority of the army are Sunna.  I have witnessed in a couple of occasions this grudge through talking to some Saudi families who seemed to me completely brain washed.

Today, as the habit every Friday, the silly page of the revolution on Facebook they named the Friday … ” time to march to Damascus”.  Well … They always use these dramatic names  from asking the NATO to bomb their own country to name it after certain individuals from a certain sect in order to show that they are non-sect revolution.  The weird thing about this name that is the 4th time they are using this logo.  The picture is taken from a pro-government demonstration and a lot of bullets to send a message.  Of course bullets … a guy who lived his whole life in Sweden and had a Swedish passport, will not care in what direction he will push the people to.   I think as long as he is on his Facebook page FROM SWEDEN getting paid I don’t think he will care.  Yeah the manager of the Syrian revolution page on Facebook which is considered the source of all “activist” lies is Swedish from Syrian origin, an Islamic Brotherhood Syrian origin so you understand why he wants the regime to go.

This Friday logo ... a mixture between Lies, terrorism and rpeation.

However, here is a couple of posts from these Facebook pages using different pictures from all over the world and claim that it happened in Syria.  Most of these pictures are taken from the Israeli crime in occupied Palestine or the American crimes in Iraq which will give you the evidence that these people were out side history when these crimes happened.  It is in Arabic and will take time to translate it to Arabic but you can compare as the right one is the fake one from the revolution pages and the left one when you do a simple picture Google search.
One last point … You will be surprised how many people actually believe them and you can tell from the number of likes and the number of share.

It is in Arabic and will take time to translate it to Arabic but you can compare as the right one is the fake one from the revolution pages and the left one when you do a simple picture Google search.


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