Cameron Ready to Follow Obama into War with Syria Based on Lies

Friends of Syria

Just like we saw in Iraq, Britain is now going to follow Obama into war with Syria based on a fabrication of media lies that Bashar is killing his citizens when in fact it is FUKUS funded terrorists that are killing innocent Syrians right from the beginning, There is absolutely no evidence that the government has purposely killed any of it citizens, but there is plenty of proof that the US back terrorists are butchering on a daily basis.


An infamous murder of a civilian. Lying in a pool of blood he is finished off by soldiers. The ‘Free Syrian Army’ propagandists posted this video repeatedly reporting that the government was killing a civilian protester. However, the identity of the soldier at 0.33 is exposed in another video. In that video, played after the first section of the clip, he announced his name and defection. This indicates that his…

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