Who Is Bombing Aleppo?

Well … From the beginning of the so called revolution in Syrian and everyone is accusing the Syrian Army to bomb the cities.  Although, the government had announced many times that this is not how the Syrian army function and the orders to have less damages to the building and properties and people, no one was ready to back up form repeating again and again that the Syrian Army is bombing the cities.

The truth is, while the Syrian Army is taking extra care when dealing with cities and moving slowly to cause as less damage as possible, the terrorist groups represented by the so called “Free Army” has been firing randomly and destroying everything , why not? If they killed any civilians there are hundreds of news channels and newspaper to reverse the reality and accuse the Syrian Army of Doing it.  Why not and the majority of the Free Army are not even Syrian who have nothing to connect them with the land.

The Terrorist Free Army has been using many way to bomb cities and civilians , using mortars, missiles shelling and others.  We did publish previously the pictures and videos of them.

Now and since all the eyes on Aleppo , with all the Turkish support with the open borders, I assume the Terrorist had been upgraded. No they are using artillery.  I will leave you with video to see for your self.


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