Aisha Battalion Killed 11 Civilians In A Car Bombing in Mezzeh 86

Today there was a bomb in Damascus in my neighbourhood in Mezzeh Ghabal 86.  The bomb targeted a 100% civilian place at the rush hour.  The bomb was placed under a can and then detonated and the result was 11 were killed and tens injured.   This is the promised freedom in the future Syria.

And Who’s behind it? Well of course it it the terrorist organisation the “Free Army” according to their website in which they claim responsibility.  They announced that “Aisha Battalion”  a part of the Free Army has targeted an army gathering at that neighbour and they succeeded in killing all of them.  Well that place of Damascus is just a 100% civilian over crowded neighbourhood.

The “Free Army” announcing responsibility of the Mezzah 86 bomb.

It is worth mentioning that this neighbour has the majority of a certain sect, and terrorist has been trying to target it for a long time.  And there have been many Jihad announcements to go and do Jihad duty agains its residents.  Moreover, Faisal Al-Qasem, a journalist in Al-Jazeera has been wondering time after time in his program why there is no bombing in this neighbourhood.  Well it happened today.

Faisal Al-Qasem, Al-Jazeera journalist has been wondering in his program many times why there is no bombing in Mezzeh 86 yet.


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