Turkey Bullying Syria and Conduct A Piracy Act

The Syrian Airbus 320 stopped by Turkish Authorities









The Turkish authorities stopped a Syrian civilian airplane, Airbus 320, on the route from Moscow to Damascus.  The Turkish forced the plane to land in turkey and search the plane.  The Syrian TV announced that all the passengers are OK.  However, there are many questions here to be asked.  Where is the international law?  Isn’t that the definition of piracy ? isn’t that an act of war ? Why Turkey is picking on Syria now ? Will Turkey or any other country accept if Syria start doing this to their airplanes ?  Is there anyone who can justify this act ?  Was the Turkish searching for a certain person in this airplane just to blackmail the Syrian government ?

With this we can notice that Turkey started to become the bully of the Middle East.  They are in tension with Greece, they occupied half Cyprus and divided the island, they are bombing north or Iraq, they have very bad relation with Armenia, they cant bully Iran and now and because there were a couple of shelling on the borders because they have it stacked with terrorist they give themselves the right to help the terrorists and bombs certain areas especially after the great defeat they get in Aleppo, Homs and Deer Alzor.

I think Ordogan is a puppet and short planner and a very narrow minded leader.  I don’t know why the Turkish people accept such qualities in their leader, thus allowing him to destroy the Turkish reputation.   However he is in his last term, the third now, so let’s wait and see what all his shouting gonna do.


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