The Story Of The Syrian Revolution

Every revolution had some new ideas and issues and even new ways of thinking to boost in the society to make it move forward.  That is why it called a revolution.   Many revolutions have a very clear goal and know exactly what is it going to change and how. And usually the people and the country heritage is the last to harm, on the contrary the people should find with the new revolution a door to escape to better life.  And people are main engine of the revolution and make it succeed.  Another thing you notice with revolutions is that they are driven from the inside to establish something for the good of the inside, some might have one leader who is well trusted and well known by the people such as Iranian one, some had a group of honest people such as the Egyptian one in the 50’s and the group of the army office who called themselves the Free Offices and their revolution that led to the peaceful exile of king Farouk.

But this is not the story of the Syrian so called revolution.  After 18 months and day after day this thing they called revolution is proving itself to be on big miss designed to keep Syria and its army busy in an inside war for a long time to self-destruct.  Why ? here are my points …

1 – The problem with lying : From day one the revolution and its media all over the world lied about many stuff especially the story of the boys who have been tortured.  So far no one were able to find out who are these or even take a picture of them although they had been able to film every thing that done wrong by the army since day one.  By the way this story had been listed as top 10 lies or propaganda against Syria by a Canadian research centre.  And lately a German Journal I think it called ”Compact” had made a story about this and the lies that been promoted at the beginning.

2 – This movement or what ever you want to call it is completely organised and planned, it did not just happen because of the acting of the regime.  Why ? well here is the story … We all followed the Arabic stream media especially after Tunis, Egypt, Yemen and Libya. This media started promoting for a similar action in Syria since the beginning of February and claiming that the people will rise on the 15th of  February.  Nothing happened.  Then they start reminding people of the 80’s and the Hama city crisis and focusing on one point, that the regime was killing the Sunni people at that time and that came along with a lot of religious leader reminding people with that during the Friday prayers especially in the gulf countries.  then the 8 of march confusion happened and the media used that very well and that led to the mess in Daraa and from these every one knows what happened.

3 – The inside / outside factors : Have a look at what the Western leader say about Syria  then look at what Turkey say, did not have enough ? look at Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar .  What do you think ? it is not the Syrian people up rising against the regime , it is them who did.  If it is a revolution why do they need the NATO to remove the regime ? Why do they need to discuss it in the security council ?  So is it the people of Syria revolution of is these counties revolution.  You have to hear the Turkish prime minster how he speaks about Syria as if this whole thing is his.

4 – Form day one this revolution killed innocent people from the Army. From the first week bodies has been send to coast and from the first month the coast started to receive these bodies headless.  From the first week they made this think in Lattakia in order to start a Alwiti and Sunni war but they failed thanks god.  From day one they imported fighters from all over the retards countries in the world ( I am not gonna name them but we all know which one).

5 – Terrorising innocent people, destroying the properties was the trade mark of this so called revolution and the destruction in Aleppo and Homs is a perfect example.



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