The So-Called ”FSA” in Aleppo

Every person in the opposition will Bla Bla about how they had to carry weapons and form the ”FSA” in order to protect the ” peaceful protesters ”.   But no one remember that their crimes had started from the first week of the beginning of their  claimed revolution.  In Aleppo these days you can see that the members of the FSA are taking and occupying houses for civilians who fleed their terror and you can see how they turn their houses into war zone.  It is very easy for mercenaries who get paid daily in $$$ to do that, it is not theirs and they can claim in their mainstream media when they flee that the Syrian Army had done that. Easy. Win win situation here.

However, since they are getting very big headed and cocky they publish and brag about these activity in their websites and Facebook pages and the pictures below are a summery of these pictures.  You can clearly see in these pictures what  kind of moral they have.


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