Pictures from Aleppo

Some Pictures from Aleppo show you how the terrorist are taking the houses and using them to attack others.

Ah, what they have done to you my beautiful country.


2 thoughts on “Pictures from Aleppo

    • This is an excellent question.. First of all, the terrorists are what we called them the armed opposition groups and they are a mix between what the Western media call the Free Army and an organisation calls itself ‘Jabhat Al-Nusra’ and it defines itself as the part of Al-Qaida that works in Syria. Why the local support them? Well … They don’t have an option, don’t they? There are no police or security forces to protect them from these groups. And that is why the only demand of the Arab League, UN observers, Turkey, US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia is to withdraw police and security forces from towns and cities so some armed men can take over and force people to demonstrate and strike thus leading to the collapse of the government. Unfortunately, our government wanted to cooperate with the Arab League and the UN thus they did withdraw all the police from Homs, Hama, Idleb and Idleb country side and look what happened now … In the towns or cities where there is no police or security forces people are being forced to demonstrate and even carry weapons, do that or else your home will b e burn, you shop will be destroyed, family will be harassed or even kidnapped or even you will be killed, yes it is that easy. That is what is happening in Idleb country side now I am in contact with my friend and his family over there they are seeing unspeakable stuff from the so-called free army but they can do nothing, the army is busy someplace else and police and security forces are not equipped to face these groups since the armed groups have weapons up to missiles.

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