The ”Free Army” Is Slaughtering People +18

Hurtful image, don’t watch if you are weak or you can’t take these images.

I will have to describe what is happening because I really can’t watch so many times to write subtitles to it.

It shows a group of armed opposition men or what they are calling themselves ”Free Army” are slaughtering a person saying that he is pro-president and threatening all the supporter to similar fait.

Again the animalistic behaviour of these people has gone too far and still no answer form the international organisation about it or an answer form the western media. and again the celebration shouts and glorifying Allah and saying ”Allah O Akbar”, that came from these people after they slaughtered this man can tell you exactly what kind of people they are.

One point worth mentioning here is during the film one of them said just shoot him and the film director insisted on slaughtering in order to send his message obioulsy because he did say that the fait of the supporeter and the army is like this.

Since I am supporter I will say to these terrorists and to the Western media and government that support them … BRING IT ON … and in Arabic I will say …

أبـالموت تهددني يا ابن الطلقاء ؟! ……إن الموت لنا عادة و كرامتنا من الله الشهادة

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