Shameless Arabic Oil Media Continue to Lie

Al-Arabia, number one in changing reality by lying more.











Usually it is Friday when everything happen, maybe due to Friday prayer and there will be thousand of the people in the streets already and it will be easy to manipulate.

Yesterday top lies were three big ones by the Saudi Arabian channel Al-Arabia, a top channel for a top country, oh yes indeed …. didn’t you know that the king started to open up for his people and allowed the women to participate in the Olympic? Well if you think this is funny, this mean you did not hear the thrill by the British officials on BBC by this major improvements in Saudi Arabia.  Anyway this is not our topic maybe I will talk about this matter some other time and will clarify and compare between the reaction of the Western officials on cancelling the old Syrian constitution and between allowing the Saudi women to participate in the Olympics.

So top three lies for this weekend were :

NUMBER 3: the deflection of Al-Baath party official

They claimed that Osam Ade, an official in Al-Baath party was deflected from the regime and after two hours a press crow appeared at his office and interviewed him and of course he said that he did not read this in the news but I heard it and I am still in my office and still working normally.

NUMBER 2: the Lebanese ambassador had left Syria after he coordinate that with the minster in Beirut

The Syrian TV did not get involved with this matter but the ministry in Beirut had said that he left Syria for 2 days as a break and it is normal, and they wished if the media be more careful in their news.

NUMBER 1: is the news about the assassination of a high rank army officer in Aleppo

This new claimed that the leader of the army operation in Aleppo has been shot by the so-called ”Free Army” and Al-Arabia had reported from the person who saw him get shot that he was dead too .  Anyhow, a private Syrian Channel, Al-Dounia TV, had a meeting with him and he was not even in the north of Syria but he was around Damascus on his own mission.

In the Greek culture the farmer had to lie about the wolf for 4 time for the villagers to stop believe him, but the question is how far these channels will go in there lies? and how long they will keep lying till the people stop believe them? I mean it has been one and a half year.

In my opinion, there are two reasons for their lies.  First, is to create a mess and uncertainty in the Syria thus creating a division between the people and their army and the people and their leaders thus leading to reduce the resistance in the people who will make it easy for the terrorists to take over.  The second one, is to  encourage the terrorists to keep fighting against the Syrian army and keep their spirit high and you can notice that from Al-Jazeera and how they refuse to admit that the so-called ”Free Army” has been defeated in Saladin for two full days although the Syrian army had cleared Saladin and moved to other areas.

I think the journalism work had fallen from these media and from their staff long time ago, from the time they lied about Zenab Alhosne and others.  But still today they do speak and they do research but only to speak the wishes of their kings and princes.

God Bless Syria, God bless it Army


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