A Picture of Aleppo Castle

The entrance of Aleppo Castle

This picture has been shared a lot on FB yesterday.  It shows the entrance of Aleppo castle after being attacked by the opposition armed groups in order to take over the castle – built in the 3rd millennium BC.

According to the Syrian army officer who was guarding the castle that the terrorist groups tried to attach the castle from the front and from the side by RBGs in order to make a hole so they can go inside and failed but did cause some damage to the walls of the castle.

This attach shows me what kind of medieval mentality these terrorists have by thinking that taking over a castle will create a military advantages.   However, this isn’t the first castle they attack or the first Syrian heritage site they sack.

According to news reports, the borders with Jordan and Turkey are full of stolen Syrian treasures.  And according to Syrian official reports that many historical sites and castles (The forgotten cities – Krak des Chevaliers – Salah El Din Citadel)  has been taken over by the terrorist groups and did not allow the employee in and when they left the employee reported many random holes as if they were searching for something.  Moreover, the report is taking about stolen pieces some had been recovered while been smuggled to Lebanon.


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