Ryad Hijab Had Fled Syria

Ryad Hijab the X-prime minister







The Syrian PM, Ryad Hijab, had fled Syria under a heavy media cover from Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia.  Those two channels had reported that he fled Syria yesterday to Jordan and deflected president Bashar Al-Asad.  They published, on his behalf, a statement saying that he deflected form the government and he is joining the ”revolutionist”.

However, this is not the full story. TopNews Nasel Kandil had reported and according to their own resources that Hijab had fled to Lebanon not to Jordan and crossed the borders illegally and now is staying at the security system building that follows ”Al-Hariri” party. And they are the ones who transported him from the Syrian borders to that secure building.  And the emphasis of Al-Jazeera (Qatar) and Al-Arabia (Saudi Arabia) that he is in Jordan just to camouflage his escape from Lebanon to Qatar and then Turkey to join the opposition and every one whoo deflected there. The news agency reported that he might stop in Saudi Arabia maybe to show everyone that he escape to Jordan not to Lebanon or maybe just to get the instruction from the king or other agents.  So far (till the time I wrote this post ) there is no evidence that he run away through Jordan, on the contrary, the Jordanian government spokesman had said that he did not enter the Jordanian land yet.

The news agency, TopNews Naser Kandil, had emphasise, just like the Syrian TV, that the PM has been kicked out from his position yesterday after he delay the execution of certain agreements with Russia that will help sell the Syrian oil  to them and bring money to the market.  Thus he fled because he was afraid of being questioned and even courted for playing with the economy.

Big questions  … 

I have some questions regarding the deflection theory , but there is a short introduction for it …

The Syrian opposition want us to believe that they want the favour of Syria and the favour of people and that is why they are killing us and that is why they formed the beast (Free Army) and that they are liberating us from the regime and what it is doing to us, thus , every one who deflected from the government is claiming that he want the best for Syria and Syrian people.  All the people who deflected (army offices, soldiers, politicians, MPs and lately the PM) have documented their deflection on AL-Jazeera or AL-Arabia first.  then if they are low rank officers or employee they flee to Turkey and live in a camp there maybe questioned by the Turkish inelegance to get as much info as possible, I don’t know.  But if he was a ”fat” person, meaning if he was a VIP he will go to Saudi Arabia, after the TV statement on Al-jazeera, then there he will meet the king and do ”AL-Omra” (Islamic ceremony when you visit Mekka) after that he will go to Qatar meet the officials there maybe appear more on TV then to Turkey to meet the Turkish PM.  All the ”fat” deflector had followed this path, Munaf Tlas, the embassador in Iraq, the employee in the embassy in Cyprus, and others.  So be sure that Hijab will do so, don’t be surprised if he did not meet the Saudi Arabians or the Qataris.  Be surprised if he didn’t.

If these deflectors really want the best of the Syrian people why didn’t they do it earlier during their serve in this regime which might be more that 12 years? All the deflectors had been of the problem for ages and they did not do anything about it. For god sake some of them has been involved severely in the corruption in Syria like Munaf Tlas.  Now the big question … Why couldn’t the PM do what is in the favour of the people while he is in the second hight position in Syria ? Why does he have to flee the country to whatever country it is to do what is the favour of the Syrians ? If he wanted to help the Syrians couldn’t he have done it from his position as a PM or does he have to flee and join the opposition and then come on tank to do so ? Couldn’t he change whatever he want in Syria ? If someone is not allowing him to work couldn’t he tell the people on a live TV press to get the people support and then resign to prove his point ? 

Life continue as normal

Anyway, Syria is not a person system, it is organisations system.  Whoever want to leave for whatever the reason is he can leave even if he was a PM and the country will keep going.  Omar Galawanji is the new Syrian PM, and he already meet his government and staff today and life is still going normally in Syria.

Omar Galawanji the new Syrian PM


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