The So-called ”Revelation” Godfather Adnan Al-Aror Had Done It Again

Adnan Al-Aror is considered to be the godfather of the so-called ”revolution” in Syria.  He lives in Saudi Arabia and works as a ”TellySheekh”.  TellySheekh mean he is a Sheekh (a religious person) who work through TV and different programs to spread whatever he or what he represent believe in.

From the beginning of the unrest in Syrian in March 2011, Al-Aror had taken over the spirituality and the leadership of the rebels and started the ”Fatwa” machine in regards with what to do and what not to do.

This is the video when was talking about Aleppo and Damascus and what he is requesting from the people in these two cities to do.  It is very scary to watch and thinks that there are some who actually listen to him and do whatever he says.  But you will also be amused, because it is funny to watch him and see how he thinks.

The video is self-explanatory and it was taken from ”Al-Safa” channel, a Saudi Arabian channel, where he works and live.  Al-Safa is one of those ”Wahabi” channels in Saudi Arabia that have only one goal is to take down the ”Shiat” believes and attack them and attack Iran. And of course since Syria is a friend of Iran and they considered the Syrian president to an infidel , the channel is working 24/7 to incite the people against him and making ”Fatwas” about what to do.

Since the beginning and this guy is threatening every one pro-government with death and hell and promising his followers with heaven and glory.  In one of his videos on YouTube he divided the Syrian people after the ”fall of the regime” to three kinds, the first group is the group that supported him and his revolution and the are ok, the second one that was neutral and they shall stay neutral and the third grourp who was with the regime and with this group he ” will cut them into pieces and ground them with the meat grounder and feed them to the dogs”.  Great, right ?

In another time he said that one of his priorities to do in Syria after the fall of the regime is to build a ”plastic tails factory” so he can produce a plastic tails that glowed on the human so he can stick them on all the regime supporters and make them live with this plastic tail till the end of their life and get buried with it.

Anyway, this is another tiny example of what are facing in Syria, the horror that have been spread by the rebels is indescribable, if I can use this word. And then came the Arabic media, mainly the oil media that work from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and inflame more the situation by more lies and more unreal description of the situation on the ground so the rebels from all over the word can keep fighting on the Syrian ground.

I wish I can tell you enjoy the video since is hilarious but I know that there will be a lot of people injured and maybe killed from the devil instructions.


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