Just an Idea in Regards with Sending People to Hell

This is not a political idea, it is just an idea regarding the extremist Islamist who are sending people to hell day after day.

It is very common now in the anti-Syrian government pages on Facebook or YouTube to have this idea to kill someone and send them to hell because in one way or another they are supporting the regime or maybe they work as army officers or even civil workers who just did not cop with their wishes to deflect or to stop working and be a part of their many strikes. And the one who can’t kill anyone, maybe because they are not Syrian or not in Syria can participate in creating a ” to die list”.

The ” to die list ” is still a fashionable thing to do in the pages that support the so-called ”revolution” in Syria. It is very rare to find an antigovernment Facebook page without at least 2 or three on their ”to die list”, for god sake some even have their own Facebook pages just to list people who should be targeted by the ”Free Army” of the free people around the world.  These lists might include students who participated in a pro-government supporting process, maybe he was in a rally or maybe he did not boycott the election, etc.  Or it might have PM who did not boycott this process.  Some have grocery shop owners refused to close their shops with address and everything.

Personally, I had two experiences with these lists.  the first one, when a Tunisian sport page had put my brother name and profile and asked someone to deal with him because he was as a supporter of the president Bashar Al-Asad.  The Second one, was with a friend of mine who works as a pharmacist.  After he went back to Russia we were shocked to see his pictures and name on one of these pages and even the city he is living in asking the ”Syrian Free” heroes in Russia to deal with him because obviously and according to this page he spent his vacation in Syria in shooting people instead of being with his family and friends.

You can notice in these death wish to others and the willing to execute this person and deciding that this person should die this way or not it is always supported by quoting verses from the Holy Quarn and other islamic statements in order to show any reader that is it a god will to do so not their own.  Moreover, the HUGE amount of FATWA form the Islamist religious leaders in Qatar and Saudi Arabia to kill and torture the infidels who support the Syrian government.  I don’t think the Western media had reported how did ((Al-Kardawi)) who lives and work in Qatar encourage people to fight even if 200000 were killed he said ” Why Not?”.  And I did not think they reported the Saudi Arabian Fatwa in this field that it is ok to kill one third of the people so the other two thirds can live happily ever after, and the Fatwas from Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and even Somali. And of course it is followed by huge wish to send them to hell, and if they succeed and killed a person they express how that person is burning in hell right now, just like that guy commented on my previous post.

For this, and from my muslim background and my muslim believes I had this idea I would like to share especially with the ”hell sender”.  The idea goes like this : the terrorist are killing the government supporter to send them to hell so god can burn them.  They also are killing anyone who doesn’t believe in what they do in order to do the same sending them to hell so god can burn them.  They might not be doing it in a countries with firm low yet or a strong government but they are definitely doing it in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now in Syria and not only for religious matters but for political ones too.

We believe that Jesus had died for our sins and he is our saver and that he came to humanity in order to save our souls from hell.  Similarly we believe that Muhammad had come in order to show us the path to become better humans in order to save our souls from hell or burning or whatever other stuff waiting for us.  We also believe that the devil’s job is to stop our souls from going to heaven and send it to hell by making us doing bad things or sins or whatever thing that sends you to hell, I don’t know.

So by this I realised that these terrorist groups are actually doing the devil’s work. They know that killing this man for example will send him hell ASSUMING that he was doing bad to their standard so they kill him and send him to hell instead of trying to save his soul just like the prophets they believed in did.

Well, in Syria, we always call them the devil agents and lately we are calling them oil agents, since their salaries and funding are being paid by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


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