More Terrorism from The Militia of ”Free Army” but Still Fully Supported by The West and The US

Here is it again, the so-called ”Free Army” is practicing its understanding of freedom and revelation. When I said in a previous post that I don’t think they can do more horrible things than executing 4 innocent people with hundreds of bullets, I was wrong.  Because obviously these ”freedom fighters” had done even more horrible action on the 15th of June 2012.


A group of the ”Free Army” attacked the citizen (Mohammad Muhsen Rasheed) in his house and throw him from the 3rd floor window in Al-Nabik town.  According to Baladee website and Arabi Press they have done that in front of his family ignoring his desperate begging for mercy.

Some might ask, what have he done to deserve this?  Well, the answer is from the mouth of the person who was filming ” cooperating with the Syrian army and the security forces”.  So according to these killers he did not kill any one, his only sin is that they suspected that he was cooperating with the army and the security forces of his own country.  What kind of co-operation?  according to the opposition groups in that town, this person had been informing the army about weapon smuggling process in that town and they emphasise that what happened to him was fair with an objection of how it was done.  Yeah you heard me right that what members of opposition committee  has said.











Of course as usual they published the video on YouTube and bragged about it and threatened all the people who will co-operate with the army against them will have a similar fate.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that the ”Free Army” is fully supported by the West, their salaries are being paid by Qatar and Saudi Arabia as these two counties stated in Istanbul 2 – 3 months ago in front of the whole word and press and Turkey is providing the shelter for these terrorists as we can see just from cross the borders.  Moreover, Obama today agreed that CIA help the ”Free Army” with what they need.

I think everyone know what they are doing but no one want to speak up since they are serving their goal in sending Syria to the unknown, but still we blame the hundred thousand of journalist who can see the smallest mistake done by the Syrian army and not a huge horrible crime like this.


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