Syrian Fredoom, Latest Edition


The above video is what I call the ” Syrian Fredoom, Latest Edition ”.  I don’t think the criminal mind of the rebels in Syria along with their Islamest friends can go wilder and more criminal than this, but still they might surprise us so Syrian people should be careful.

This video shows that 3 or 4 people, supporters to the Syrian government, are being dragged into the street hand tied in their blooded underwear and then executed with hundreds of bullets by the rebels or what the western media calls them ”Free Army”, Then followed by a lot of celebration including shooting the dead bodies again, saying the usual ” Allah O Akbar” and a lot of anti government slogans.

I would like to mention a couple of points here that are causing me a lot of troubles :

– This video is not the first video of the rebels executing, torturing or mutilating the dead.  Actually YouTube is full of these video since the start of the troubles in Syrian in March 2011, but still some western media had said that this is the first evidence of the rebels crimes.  Well, excuse me with this one, but isn’t the job of the REAL journalist to INVESTIGATE ? I am not saying come to Syria, so you don’t have the excuse of not having VISAs, I am saying use the same references you have been using to claim that the Syrian government is doing something ”inhuman”.  For every anti-government video there are more than 10 that shows the crimes of the rebels and I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

– The other annoying part of these incident is the excuses.  In this case the average anti-government Syrian person will jump directly and say that ”these people had killed Syrians on behalf of the regime”.  This was an actual statement of one of these people.  Of course no evidence, no court only personal judgement that generated from stories of the anti-government people themselves and from their websites. What I meant by stories are the actual stories and rumours that have spread in Syrian about everybody and fed by the main stream media that lack of ethical and journalist conscious like the Qatari channel, Al-Jazeera, and the Saudi Arabian channel, Al-Arabia.

– Since the western media can’t do that, they follow a different strategy in continuously supporting these rebels.  So you can read in the news different things, for example, ” it is not acceptable even if it was done by the good side”  or you will read ” the regime crimes had led to this revenge act” or when the human right organisations use something similar to ” Both of the sides in Syria (meaning the government and the rebels) are violating the human rights”.  Of course it is always the time to remind the world of that the government is violating human right even if the statement is to comment on what the rebels have been doing. I actually had read some articles like that, they are still calling them the good side and trying to find an excuse for them and of course what a better excuse than the regime it self, so here we go again.

– I am sure that most Arabic reader have an idea of what my next point is about.  The rude, dirty and filthy comments and behaviour of the web users (Facebook and YouTube).  For example, the person who published the execution video on YouTube had choose a very disgusting title as shown in the picture below in Arabic.


The title stated (( the execution of the boss of Al-Shabeeha in Aleppo, the sinful, the dog Zeno Berry)), and then in the description of the clip he wrote ((God Bliss the Free Army)).  I don’t know which one is the bigger crime ? Killing these innocent people? filming it ? watching it ? publishing it? bragging about it?  using filthy words and commenting on it to swear more at these 4 victims? or liking the clip ?  I am sure you noticed that there are 127 people liking this clip and believe me after one hour it jumps to more than 680 likes and it was 2877 likes the moment I wrote this post.  Reading the comments is another horror, these people have no heart nor a brain, this is the impression I came up with.  Very horrible, very filthy, very savage minds only can produce these kind of comments that I can’t even describe.

– Regarding comments, go ahead and try to publish something that is pro-government on YouTube or even on Facebook and see the horror that will be unleashed upon you.  The swears will be on you and on your family especially the female members like your sister, mother and even grandmother.  I am not joking this is our reality now.  When I publish something via YouTube that doesn’t really agree with other people opinions I get A VERY SAVAGE AND FILTHY comments from countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.  You can tell that from the clip statistics.

At the end I want to say god bless the soul of our martyrs from the Syrian army and from the civilians and god bless the soul of Zeno Berry and his friends and all the people who have been killed in a similar way.

God bless the Syrian Army and its soldiers .


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