Laugh With BBC Arabic

An article in BBC Arabic about Clinton commenting on Syria made a lot of Syrian laugh in spite of the horror of the armed militia in some Syrian cities like Hama and Deer Al-Zoor.





According to BBC Arabic report, ” Hafez Al-Assad ” has lost his legitimacy as president of Syria, the highlighted area in the text.  Well this news did stroke us in the head because you would expect that in an organisation like BBC Arabic some one might check the report before they publish it.  For any one who might ask that what is wrong with that, well president Hafez Al-assad is dead since 2000 and the current president of Syria is  Dr Bashar Al-Assad.

I am not going to argue that who is this Clinton to remove or add the legitimacy of an independent country like Syria, does she think Syria is occupied Iraq ?

I am not gonna argue about the credibility of BBC Arabic regarding news about Syria because they did lost it along time ago when we  see how they exaggerate numbers and incident and don’t tell the whole truth about the terrorist and militia groups and announcing Jihad at the Syrian army.  It is my opinion as Syrian who already saw the difference between what they say ” BBC Arabic and its friends like Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabia ” and what is really happening.


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