What Happened on Sunday in Hama, +18 Harmful Images

If you have been following the news last Sunday, you will notice that there is something happened in Hama city in the middle of Syria.  It was all over the western news and Al-Jazeera and similar channels.  They all claimed that the army bombed the city, and that over than 145 civilians dead.  Many videos were spread as well all over facebook and YouTube showing smoke in the city and a couple of tanks next to burning tiers.  Well here is the truth, this is not what happened.  Even if it was on channels such Al-Jazeera, which already shows unexplained grudge against Syrian government/leader ship.

Before I write what happened in the eyes of many eyewitnesses or providing videos more reliable than the one that only showing smoke.  That these videos are harmful are not advised for weak people. I will start with the most harmful results of what happened on Sunday, the bodies that been killed by the ” peaceful protesters ”in Hama.  This video first published on the ” revolution” page in face book on Monday morning bragging about what they did on Sunday.  But after a lot of comments that this is a bad move in order not expose the real face of their acts, they deleted the video and after a while they rudely started talking that this was fabricated by the Syrian TV and the army. Any objective one, who is listening to them how they are cursing the dead bodies and using the name of god can tell that this is not an army work.  Also take a close look to the children that carrying shotguns and you will know that is the extremest work, something similar to Al-Qaida work.  It is good to mention that Al-Qaida leader Al-Thawahri had already blessed them and their ” revolution ” and wished to be with them fighting against the Syrian government.


There is nothing funny about this video, but what the ”revolution” page on facebook said about is rude from one side and funny form another.  Rude since they are the ones who published it first and bragged about it, funny because after a while they claimed that it is not the work of the ” revolution ” and also claimed that this bridge is not in Hama. I am not gonna answer this point but anyone from Hama knows this bridge, moreover; if you are not and your having you doubts go to Google Earth and check it.

These videos and images reminded all Syrians with the crimes of the Islamic Brotherhood in Hama and all Syria in the 80s.  After almost 30 years and the same criminal minds and same mentality repeated now producing the same results more Syrian blood and more Syrians killed.

This video shows the militia in Hama, watch the video and decide for yourself.  See how peaceful they are, and if you showed to any ” revolutionary” will tell you they all army and security forces, seriously !!!.

This video shows the weapons found by the army in Homs in Bab Al-Sbaa.  It is another evidence of their peaceful protesting.


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