Syrian Railway Sabotaged, 1 Killed And Many Injured

23 July 2011,

A terrorist group, as they really are, or freedom fighters, as the west and some Saudi Arabian extremist religious channels call them, has sabotage the train rails in Sooda, Homes.

The train according to SANA

The train derived from its rails and crashed to a high electrical pole, which led to the burning of the first coach and the dead of the driver and the sever injury of his assistant.  The other 480 passengers were minery injure.

Homs governor commented on this incediant as it is a crime agains the people, women, children and others who have been on this train.

The train SANA

The crash happened at 3 a.m on Saturday, and according to officials the sabotage should have happened between 1 a.m and 3 a.m because another train passed in other direction about one hour earlier.

Similar sabotage acts against public organisations all over Syria have happened during the last 3 – 4 months in Syria, they have been done by the ” freedom fighters ” as the west is calling them.

Hope the EU officials see the truth about what is happening in Syrian instead of trying to attack and increase the pressure on the Syrian government. Also, it will be great if they left Syria alone to solve it own problems including stop supporting these militia that spread terror in whole Syria.

It is noticeable however that all the ” Syrian revolution” , as they call what they are doing, webpages on FACEBOOK have encoeged these kind of behaviour, such as; destroying all the belonging of the government, boycotting universities and schools, stop going to work and forbidden any one to go as happened in Hama city in the middle of Syria . The following picture was taken from a webpage of the ” revolution ” it states clearly that (( every free Syrian should not spare any working train rails in whole Syria, destroy them )).

Well as a Syrian, I can tell to where exactly these people are talking our country.

The following pictures are according to SANA


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