Syrian Soldier is Dead and Kidnapping in Homs

24 / 07 / 2011

A Syrian soldier, Ghadeer Mahmoud, was killed in Homs by terrorist groups.  The funeral took place yesterday morning.


The funeral took place in his home town in Tartous

The soldier’s family said that they are very proud of Ghadeer since he was killed for a noble cause, serving his country. The family expressed their feeling and wishes about the end of the incidents in Syria and the punishment of all criminals who committed crimes against Syria and the Syrians.

In another story from Homs, two citizens were kidnapped and torture by similar groups. Shareef Al-Gerady told the press from the hospital that a group of 20 armed men took him in front of Al-Abasia neighbourhood to unknown place where they torture him by hitting, kicking, electricity and pouring water. Shareef said that he heard the screaming of other men in other rooms. Shareef was tied up with other people and thrown in a pile of rubbish naked, luckily an army patrol rushed to the rescue when they notice the action, they also provide the protection for the medical team to move in and out safely. Shareef said at the end said that he consider him self lucky because other man in the same ” pile ” was dead under the torture.

Shareef Al-Gerady and Yaser Hashim Ali

Yaser Hashim Ali, another survivor from similar kidnapping, told the press from the hospital that he was kidnapped by a group of armed men in a car. He was taken to a flat where he was torture because he was ” dealing ” with the army as they told him. He was taken back to the same place and tied up and was thrown in the street.

Homs witnessed a lot of actions when militia took control of some neighbourhoods and killed some young men, which made the army involved to protect the people.  The strange thing is that France was ” worried ” about what is happening in Homs not because of the terrorists or the ” freedom fighter ” as France call them  but because the military involved.


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